BDX Media GmbH

Connecting people and inspiring them for the sport of golf.

  • The Goal

    The idea of BDX Media GmbH was to organise a golf event where many different people from the marketing environment come together. The aim was to connect, exchange and get a little closer to the sport of golf. BDX came to FRAMEN so that as many people as possible could experience the event.

    The Solution

    Many of FRAMEN's screens are in fitness studios and that's exactly where those who might be interested in golf are. Sports enthusiasts. With the help of FRAMEN, BDX could be sure that exactly these people would see their advertisement. The event took place in Leipzig, so the campaign was broadcast at Holmes Place in Berlin. With the hashtag #BDXornothing, BDX advertised on the screens and showed moving images of various people playing golf to give people an incentive to try out the sport and to get to know potential colleagues and expand their environment.

    The Result

    FRAMEN proved to be the perfect facilitator for this campaign. Many sports enthusiasts who work in marketing became aware of the event and took part in it. Thus, not only the campaign itself but also the event became a complete success.

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