The Goal

BILD, one of Germany's biggest tabloid newspapers, launched its first own TV channels. Therefore, it approached FRAMEN with a mission to increase awareness of the launch and the brand – a mission that fits FRAMEN perfectly.

The Solution

Thanks to FRAMEN, the client could advertise nationwide throughout Germany in various types of venues. In those semi-public locations, BILD reached its core audience - the main German population. The attention-grabbing campaign in the brand's main colour red stood out. The short clip actually only showed a TV control and the start date of the TV channel streaming, however, everyone knew what it meant. The launch was right before the German elections and the start of Bundesliga, giving BILD a great set of content to start with.

""Bild is launching a new kind of TV in Germany. 24/7 live TV, packed with information and opinion, with exclusive news that becomes headlines live. From August 22, Bild not only makes TV, Bild is TV,"" claims Claus Strunz, Bild's Head of Programming and Member of the Editorial Board.

The Result

With this digital campaign, BILD was able to reach the majority of the German population - its main target audience - and increase awareness of its new product. The launch of its own TV channel is a move towards the digital era and the future of broadcasting. FRAMEN gave access to this target group through digital screens in semi-public spaces throughout the country.

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