bumpee helps with efficient networking in the business world by providing unique tools that assist manage, organize and measure valuable connections. With their Smart Business Cards, you will avoid carrying tons of paper business cards with you. Equipped with an NFC chip and the size of a regular credit card, you can simply hold it up to the other person's smartphone to share your profile with them. This results in a powerful first impression, building new contacts and optimizations of leads.

The Goal

Every day we meet and connect with people through online and offline events. Therefore it is important to manage these contacts and networks efficiently to reduce efforts and focus on the essentials, which is making long-lasting connections. bumpee wants to meet this challenge. “The aim of the campaign was to make customers more aware of our product and thus create more awareness for the market.” Leon Merkel - CEO bumpee

The Solution

bumpee works with service companies who want to improve their leads and better represent themselves in personal interactions. The main clients are companies who understand that first impressions matter. “However, our product is not limited to these companies. In the end, any entrepreneur, manager, or employee looking for a way to network more efficiently and make a lasting impression can use our product.” Leon tells us.

With the FRAMEN Ads Manager, bumpee used the venue targeting feature to reach people at coworking spaces in Berlin. Coworking spaces are the ideal spot to find entrepreneurs, freelancers, individuals working in startups, and other business type people with diverse skills, backgrounds, and experiences. They are usually interested in products that boost networking, making them the ideal audience for bumpee's product. Leon adds: “There are a lot of young companies here, and many people come and go. With its tool, FRAMEN offers a perfect opportunity to select a concrete selection of spots to play our ad.” The FRAMEN Ads Manager is your access to various locations around the globe.The tool's targeting feature is the ideal way to narrow down and reach the most suitable customers for your business. You can not only target venues, but also target times to reach the people when they are receptive. In this case, they played the ad outside of meal times in the morning and in the afternoon. Because people are less interested in business topics during the lunch break, but rather when they are working. Leon and his team found the Ads Manager intuitive and were able to set up their campaign in minutes. You can find more about targeting through the Ads Manager in our blog.

The Result

bumpee displayed its ad almost 20,000 times and received 100,000 impressions within two weeks. They were also able to benefit from the community effect found in coworking spaces. Experiencing or seeing something with others increases the likelihood of talking about it, consequently resulting in long-term brand retention in the minds of the viewers. “We expected this to increase our organic search volume. This was actually seen as well.” Not only did bumpee become a fan of the FRAMEN Ads Manager, but they also loved working with our team. “Of course. For us, the most important thing about a company is its culture. And that’s what FRAMEN is all about.”

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