Multi-channel does not make sense for every company... at BVG, however, there are decisive reasons why it is essential to strengthen their customer communication. Frank Büch, Head of Marketing at BVG, explained to us in an interview why communication via the various channels is so important and what significance each has.

To start, BVG is the largest regional transportation authority in Germany and is responsible for public transport in the capital of Berlin. Fun Fact: The public system takes Berliners around the world a total of 8.7 times every day.

The company has really been causing a stir since 2015 with its "Weil wir dich lieben" (Because we love you) campaign. BVG decided to differentiate from typical marketing strategies for public transport authorities and try out a different, emotional, approach. Frank Büch explains, "Marketing for transportation options is actually always very rational. We don't reach people with that, we have to touch people emotionally." BVG's campaigns are now emerging from this new brand positioning to make the company younger and sexier.

"With self-irony, humor, Berlin snark and a fair amount of coolness. That's how we address Berliners wherever we meet them. We talk openly about what's on their minds. Whether that's a late bus in Lichterfelde - or the state of our democracy." writes GUD.Berlin, the agency responsible for the  campaign.

Individual multi-channel marketing

The campaigns are launched across all channels, but individually aligned. "We do a lot on social media, because we can also explain things there." Frank Büch explains how brands want to emotionalize and position themselves positively. Brands, especially BVG, want to show their values, and digitally that can be portrayed differently than on static posters with a single graphic.

"We want to spark up a conversation”.  Digital media helps here, when for example you can quickly change the visuals and thus always make an actual statement that is needed at that time for a product or a special feature."  That is exactly why BVG has already launched several campaigns with FRAMEN.

An Out-Of-Home campaign, more than just at the right place

One example of these joint projects is a campaign from last summer. During the transportation turnaround in 2022, BVG developed a campaign around the 9-Euro ticket. People who were not previously part of the company's daily target audience, were the specific focus. Frank Büch reports on the choice of locations to promote this ticket: "FRAMEN is one of the few networks that are present at gas stations, and where do drivers have to go regularly? To the gas station to fill up!"

Timing in the target group's daily routine is key. Büch reports: "Right at this point, they also become aware that driving a car is not necessarily cheap. And right at that moment, they get this suggestion that says - hey, maybe there are also alternatives for me, maybe it’s public transportation - It’s been a great opportunity for this very topic."

Successfully creating impressions

The campaign around the 9 Euro ticket ran for over a month, was played out nearly 160,000 times and achieved +375,000 impressions. "Having an attention-grabbing  digital screen at such a location has been a great opportunity for this subject matter." Frank Büch describes in our interview.

Watch the full episode here.

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