Helma builds your own house or flat together with you and rents out holiday properties

The Goal

Helma wanted to gain more attention with their campaign and, best of all, appeal to a high-value target group. As the real estate industry is really strong, Helma wanted to make people understand what makes them unique and why you should choose them. In the campaign, Helma was primarily concerned with what their holiday properties had to offer. Helma came to FRAMEN with this wish and FRAMEN then turned it into reality.

The Solution

Since the target group was supposed to be high-end, the campaign was broadcasted in Berlin and Hamburg, and only in the Hyatt, in Holes Places and in coworking spaces. Especially in coworking spaces there are many young ambitious people who fit exactly into Helma's target group. The screens were designed with beautiful photos of the holiday homes/resorts Helma has to offer, from the North Sea/Baltic Sea to Winterberg.

The Result

The campaign went significantly well and achieved it`s goal. There were more Impressions than expected and based on this, it can be said that the campaign was perfectly implemented and accepted. 58% of impressions were generated at First Class Gyms Holmes Place, 23% at Coworking Spaces and 19% at Hyatt.

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