KLM is the oldest airline in the world and one of the most recognised in the skies. KLM approached FRAMEN with the objective of generating more flight bookings to Colombia and marketing it as a must-visit destination. For many businesses that work with FRAMEN brand awareness is a key driver, but in this instance KLM wanted Colombia to be the primary focus.

The Goal

KLM is a very well-respect and well-recognised airline, which is why their campaign was not necessarily about awareness, but rather focused on encouraging people to fly with them to Colombia. KLM turned to FRAMEN to promote the Colombia as a must-visit destination, as well as simultaneously promoting the airline.

The Solution

KLM decided to run a digital-out-of-home advertising campaign in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt. The ads were focused on playing to the aesthetic strengths of the country by using scenic, beautiful, bright and famous images of various destinations throughout the country to entice viewers. The ads also included a brief description about the diversity, adventure and opportunities on offer in Colombia in the hope of enticing people to book flights to the country.

To make it easy for people, KLM used a QR code that directed customers directly to the relevant connection from the location to a specific destination in Colombia. FRAMEN was the perfect partner for this as we have screens in hotels/hostels, gyms and coworking spaces, which meant the ads could be displayed in front of thousands of people.

The Result

The campaign was hugely successful - KLM experienced an increase in booking on their website for flights to Colombia and generated a desire in people to visit the country. FRAMEN offered them the ideal solution to target the right audience and generate bookings for their flights to Colombia.

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