The Goal

Millions of people around the world are becoming vegan or vegetarian everyday and incorporating these lifestyle choices into their diet. The food industry is heavily focused on developing good substitute products that taste just as good as meat-based products.

LUVE's mission is to transform the unique protein of the sweet lupin into the most delicious products and came to FRAMEN to help promote their brand and product offerings.

The Solution

Owing to FRAMEN's expansive screen network, LUVE used the Ads Manager and possibility of a huge consumer reach to get their brand and products seen in front of thousands of people.

On the occasion of the "Festival of LUVE" event, there was a sampling campaign in the WeWork offices in Berlin and Hamburg where potential customers could test the products for free. The aim was to increase sales at the point of sale. WeWork is a great coworking space that has a modern, entrepreneurial demographic, meaning that it was easy for LUVE to connect with their target audience of 20-45 year olds.

The Result

The campaign and Festival of LUVE were both big successes, and LUVE achieved what it set out to achieve - build brand awareness, improve sales and gain a high amount of attention.

Through the sampling campaign, consumers were enticed to buy instantly as they tasted how good the products were. With the help of FRAMEN's huge network of screens and venue types, LUVE was able to run ad and sampling campaigns that they wouldn't have been able to achieve so easily.

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