Bringing pre-prepared meals for health-conscious people to fitness studios. PrepMyMeal sends out ready-made meals that only need to be defrosted by the consumer. To do this, you put together your own box or choose one of the themed boxes, such as the Classic box.

The Goal

Winning new customers is not that easy these days, especially for young, up-and-coming companies. A wide range of media and advertising means - but which ones really catch the eye of your target group with purchasing power without unnecessary scattering? PrepMyMeal was on this quest, wanting to reach young, fitness-enthusiastic and health-conscious people with their current campaign.

The Solution

The founders decided that their young, sporty and nutrition-conscious target group should be concentrated in one particular place: Fitness studios such as Elements. In addition, it is precisely here that people feel the need for a proper meal after a workout. That's why customers can take their desired meal directly from the on-site refrigerators to their home or office.

All it takes is a glance at the screens on site: present within sight, the company uses the FRAMEN solution to place the latest dishes, hot deals and provide vivid and creative information about fitness-conscious healthy eating.

Watch the whole video here.

The Result

9 out of 10 gym members are now already familiar with the brand. PrepMyMeal launched at the beginning of July 2019 with a 14-day free trial, and they have seen significantly stronger demand right from day 1.

In the meantime, PrepMyMeal has expanded their marketing campaign to co-working spaces and offices via the FRAMEN channel, as this is also where the hungry target group hangs out.

"Our customers find the new communication medium really appealing! Unlike flyers or posters, our customers perceive the ads more as information - less as typical advertising."

Kevin, Co-Founder of PrepMyMeal.

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