The Goal

StepStone is a leading global player in e-recruiting and a great platform for companies that are looking for new employees, as well as people looking for a new job. However, it is not necessarily easy to find an advertising platform that makes it possible for you to target both groups at the same time or even at the same place.

Which is exactly why StepStone turned to FRAMEN. To reach their audience consisting of decision makers, performers, digital natives and hedonists they decided to use FRAMEN’s unique screen network. StepStone’s objective was to drive awareness by using fun wordplays and to get people from both target groups on the platform.

The Solution

StepStone decided to launch their campaign in coworking spaces throughout Germany. By doing so, FRAMEN was able to place the campaign right at the heart of their business audience. They were able to reach people that are currently considering a change, as well as companies that are looking for new joiners. In coworking spaces there is a high average length of stay, especially in the community areas where the campaign was placed. Therefore and especially due to the fun and engaging nature of the content itself, it quickly became a part of people's everyday life and created awareness for the platform. Thanks to the campaign’s success StepStone decided to also use other screens from FRAMEN’s network. They expanded the campaign to further touchpoints, including gyms and gas stations.

The result

Due to the perfect fit between FRAMEN’s network and StepStone’s target audience the scatter loss was limited to a minimum and the awareness campaign was considered highly successful. The campaign was live on 200 screens throughout Germany.

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