Vodafone is one of the leading telecoms and technology companies in Europe keeping society connected and building a digital future for everyone. In 2021 they celebrated a huge milestone: All European operations will be 100% powered by electricity from renewable sources. Vodafone also wants to address the B2B segment to raise awareness for their green network and solutions.

The Goal

The objective of the Vodafone campaign was to create awareness as a sustainable digitalization partner with green products and solutions for their business clients.

The Solution

The brand chose FRAMEN DOOH to drive awareness to their business customers. For best visibility, Vodafone's campaign was positioned in the working environment, in vital co-working spaces, with a long dwell time of the business audience of 8 hours/day and even a strong interest in sustainable products. The advertisements on FRAMEN screens were aimed to help educate their business customers to manage their resources more effectively and reduce their carbon emission, while creating a healthier planet for everyone.

The Result

FRAMEN was the perfect place for Vodafone to celebrate the milestone across Germany. They raised awareness of its green network to their business clients with a simultaneous ad campaign that was shown across the FRAMEN screens in Germany. Vodafone achieved more than 600,000 impressions in business networks across Germany, with major metros like Berlin and Munich seeing most success. Short on-site surveys have shown that the Vodafone campaign and especially its green approach has aroused great interest among viewers. This was a huge success not only for Vodafone, but for FRAMEN and Media Impact too for its commitment towards sustainability.

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