Wingly is an innovative flight-sharing platform that was created in 2015. They have a huge flight-sharing community and is based on the concept of connecting local pilots with passengers that want to enjoy sightseeing flights or excursion trips.

The Goal

Wingly’s main customer group are tourists, couples, thrill seekers and families that want adventure trips or want to gift an unforgettable experience. We caught up with Reka Kocs (Traffic Manager DACH) from Wingly to find out what Wingly’s motivations were behind their marketing strategy and what their key goals were. “We do mostly performance campaigns, where we can track the results and know the ROI. So, we wanted to do an offline awareness campaign, where we could still get some tangible results, reaching the people that we don’t reach with digital marketing. We wanted to reach as many people as possible with a predefined cost per mille (CPM).”

The Solution

With a growing number of consumers spending more time outside the home, digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is an increasingly powerful and relevant medium for reaching today’s consumers. Reka told us, by leveraging DOOH advertising, brands can reach their target audiences with precision, whilst also delivering a message that is sustainable and engaging.

Any good marketing campaign needs to have a sharp focus to be successful. By zeroing in on a single city of their choice (Hamburg), Wingly created targeted content that resonated with the locals. Reka explained her marketing strategy, “We focused the campaign on only one city to maximise the impact, and created localised, targeted content.”

With FRAMEN Ads Manager, Reka determined the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for their campaign. This meant Reka could easy define how much money would be spent on every thousand views, and ensure the budget was used most effectively and optimally; not wasted on low-viewership ads. Additionally, with the Ads Manager you can also set a daily budget, so you don’t have to worry about overspending.

The Result

“We got exactly what was promised and reached in total more than 230,000+ impressions in coworking spaces, universities and convenience stores,” Reka summarises. By having full transparency on viewership expectations (thanks to the Ads Manager performance indicator), Reka could plan their marketing budget and see a clear return on investment.

DOOH advertising is a powerful tool for reaching consumers, and it can be even more effective when used to target specific audiences. Targeted content is designed for a niche audience, to drive a specific response from that group. With FRAMEN Ads Manager, you can target your content to specific demographics, locations, and use the advanced scheduling feature to select specific dates and times when your ads will be shown. This means that you can fine-tune your campaigns for maximum impact. Additionally, the FRAMEN Ads Manager makes it easy to track and analyse results, so you can be rest assured that your campaigns are getting the results you want. “We would 100% use the FRAMEN screens again for branding campaigns in specific regions,” Reka concludes.

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