The Goal

One of Europe's leading health-tech companies, went live with its first campaign via FRAMEN at the start of the cold weather cold season from the end of September to mid-October, whereby FRAMEN allowed Zavamed to raise brand awareness for its online medical practice. Keen on leveraging its global brand presence, the campaign's core objective was to educate German consumers on the benefits of Zavamed. The goal was to reach customers who do not have time to go to the doctors due to jobs, were stuck at home during the lockdowns, or felt uneasy to go to a doctors office.

The Solution

As with all mobile apps, Zavamed wanted to reach potential new customers and increase the number of sign-ups and first calls with a doctor. To reach this objective, the brand ran a digital campaign with FRAMEN to reach its individual target audience.

In WeWork locations, Zavamed meets professionals, digital nomads and entrepreneurs. The pioneering company in digital healthcare offers a time-efficient solution for high-achievers for whom every free minute besides work is important. Thanks to digital video consultation hours a lot of time and effort is saved. Also, the target group at Wework that FRAMEN gives access appreciates quality. Due to long opening hours, appointments can also be made early in the morning or late in the evening. Employers benefit from healthier employees, recurring importance of health, and less missing time of employees due to short durations of doctors appointments. The attention grabbing campaign visuals increased impressions as well.

The Result

The campaign with FRAMEN gave the target group direct access to the smart online medical practice combined with an online pharmacy, which is a real added value, especially for digital people. Thanks to the integration of a voucher code as well as live & post-campaign reports, Zavamed has always measured the programmatic performance of its advertising. FRAMEN offers Zavamed an optimal combination of branding and performance campaigns without wastage.

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