The Goal

B.Z. is a German tabloid newspaper with a focus in terms of news and distribution in the Berlin area. The objective was to drive awareness by connecting with old and new audiences via FRAMEN. The customer wanted to increase circulation through advertisement directly at the point of sales (POS).

The Solution

In order to reach its core audience right at the POS, the newspaper turned to FRAMEN. With the help of an attention grabbing campaign specifically designed for its target group, BZ tested the new ad channel. Due to the possibility to display in a very specific environment only, it promoted its brand in gas stations only in Berlin, which is its main area of circulation. The campaign videos showed catchy headlines and repeated the newspaper's mission - being the voice of Berlin. Digital communication is becoming increasingly important for newspapers to keep competing in a digital era.

The Result

The digital out of home (DOOH) campaign over-delivered and finished with 750.000 impressions within one single week. Due to very specific targeting, scatter loss was limited to a minimum and visibility in front of its target audience was maximised. FRAMEN gave access to advertisement directly at the POS.

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