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FRAMEN Screens at CoWorking spaces
Coworking spaces
FRAMEN Screens at gas stations
Gas Stations
FRAMEN Screens at gyms
FRAMEN Screens at hotels
FRAMEN Screens in grocery stors
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Any size of screen.

From large billboards to small tablets in a reception area - with FRAMEN you can fill any screen with life.
FRAMEN Screens at co-working places
FRAMEN Screens at co-working places
FRAMEN screens in gyms
FRAMEN screens in co-working
FRAMEN screens in co-working
FRAMEN screens in gyms
FRAMEN Screens in Halls
FRAMEN Screens Pharmacy

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We pay you to display ads on your screens using the FRAMEN software – all cost free. Simply connect your TV: convenient and effortless

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No more staring at the ceiling. Inspire your guests with stories from top publishers like Business Insider, Welt, and Bundesliga.

FRAMEN Screens in hotels

What do our clients say? Watch the full interview.

harriet bushIDS Media logo
Harriet Bush
Head of Marketing Communications
"We feel there is great synergy between FRAMEN and IDS Media as we upweight our digital offering to clients. Our interactive kiosks ensure exceptional audience engagement and provide brands with the perfect vehicle to capture the attention of their target consumer."

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Stream anything you want on your screen*.
Pick ads and entertainment content that fit your audience.
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*Even pictures of your dog.

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