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Laura Lewandowski

Expert in Storytelling and Digital Media Business
Laura Lewandowski
Smart Chiefs

Nathalie Aron

Beautiful Destinations, Adventure & Luxury Travel

Fabian Tausch

Unicorn Bakery, Forbes 30 u. 30 Content Creator & Podcaster
Fabian Tausch

Laura Bornmann

New Work, Leadership, HR
Laura Bornmann

Eva Johanna Egg

Personal Branding, Content Creation, Startups
Eva Johanna Egg

Kira-Marie Cremer

New Work, HR, Future of Work
Kira-Marie Cremer


Motorsports, Racing, Formula 1, Moto GP

Sarah Emmerich

Marketing, Gründung, Personal Branding, Vereinbarkeit
Sarah Emmerich

Haktan Albayrak

Travel & Food

Ivana Tadic

Global HR Development, HR Content Creator
Ivana Tadic

Toan Nguyen

Marketing, Gaming
Toan Nguyen

Stefan Pollmann

Lifestyle, Fashion
Stefan Pollmann
Stefan Pollmann

Thomas Kakareko

Urban Storytelling, Street Photography

Julia Kruslin

Startup Life, Tech, Business Tools, Investing
Julia Kruslin


Travel, Adventure, Outdoor

Mathias & Annika Koch

Travel, Van Life, Photography, Adventure

Anastasia Barner

Founder of FeMentor, TEDx Speaker, Bestseller Autorin
Anastasia Barner

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Sarah Emmerich
Business related topics
Subscribed in Co-Working Spaces & Offices
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The possibilities within the online world are almost limitless. Sometimes it feels like a parallel universe, as if you are in a movie. It all felt really real for me for the first time when I saw myself on TV outside of my smartphone. It got really crazy when I recently saw myself on the screens of a WeWork in Berlin.

Ivana Tadić
Creator - Linkedin Top Voice Next Generation 2023

Mom! You can see my face on billboards all over Germany.

To be really honest, I initially doubted that anyone would actually pay attention to these screens.
𝗗𝗮𝗺𝗻, 𝗜 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴. Already on the first day I had 5 people sending me pictures of these screens. This made me realise that I can now really reach my target audience offline as well as on LinkedIn.

Eva Johanna Egg
Creator - Co-Founder & CEO @scripe

This initiative is revolutionising the display of content, featuring captivating work on screens in coworking spaces, gyms, hotels, and more.

Thomas Kakareko
Creator - Photographer & Brand Consultant

You are reading my post on LinkedIn. My grandma spots me at the train station. My messages are now flickering across 1000+ screens in German cities!

For me as a creator, this is a unique opportunity. And finally, with a bit of luck, my grandma will get an idea of what I do on the internet – especially when she waits for her granddaughter at the Würzburg train station.

Laura Lewandowski
Creator - 30 u 30 Journalist



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