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Focus your resources exclusively on your ad budget and gain the flexibility to refine your ads with ease. Utilize a user-friendly platform that ensures your spending goes directly towards engaging your target audience.

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Do you have questions?

Is FRAMEN's Software for free?

Yes! Our software is completely without fee. Create your account and login to your dashboard. Once you start an Ad Campaign, enter your payment options for the ad spend.

How much does a campaign cost?

First of all our software itself is completely free. Costs only arise for campaign bookings but are hard to generalize as each campaign is unique. The CPM (Cost per Mille) can vary from location to country to time. You can start with a budget as small as 1$ / 1€ and our dynamic campaign performance meter will help you find the optimal settings for your allocated budget.

What is the minimum budget spend?

Our Ads Manager has the answer for you! When setting up a campaign, you can find audience filters in our venue picker. Of course our sales teams are always available to share their expertise as well.