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Traditional ad placements are too expensive or there's not enough inventory?

We will show you a new place to reach your existing target audiences.


You can have one agency organisation or create multiple per client. Invite your team members, partners or clients as you see fit and manage their access just the way you like it.


You want to send a campaign preview? Just send our forecast report, including mockups in the selected locations, projcted performance, ad play and more.

File upload

You can't quite let go of the old school way of targeting by zip code and have sheer endless Excel sheets? Just import them directly into our tool.

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Digital-Out-of-Home is a fast and quick medium and our agency support caters exactly to that need. We are here for you!

We deliver results

Our inventory can provide a unique target audience fit in our broad portfolio. On top we offer high awareness with the addition of channels that show premium & relevant content customized to each specific audience.

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Context works

FRAMEN offers dynamic and context driven ad loops, customised by each location to fit their exact audience. It's a mix of ads, location content and entertainment.

This results in an overall better relevance, audience satisfaction and audience awareness. Everyone wins, especially you.

Location Content
Location Content

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We are confident to say we built the most powerful Ads Manager.

Our tool is 100% free, only pay to play. Create your account now to explore the campaign management of the future.

Don't want to change your DSP (yet)?

No worries, quite a few are connected to us.

We have built a solid partnership with Framen over the years, they are incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with. The team is always on hand to support and cannot do enough to ensure our partnership thrives.

Daisy Anderson-Perrin
Head of Ancillary Revenue International at WeWork

Framen has helped us immensly in broadcasting our message to all our members, plus it really helped us with communication and collaboration with our team on the content to display across countries. We would definitly recommend Framen, its a really creative and interactive tool to display your content the way you want to!

Amanda Hosie
Senior Experience Manager at Mindspace

Recently we partnered with Framen. So we can showcase a variety of content to our members. The content is very unique with great videos, and thats the very first thing people see when they enter The Drivery.

Natalia Bahancova
Natalia Bahancova
Head of Marketing Communications at The Drivery

Holmes Place uses digital visualization within the club to bring content to our members on information that revolves around health, nutrition, lifestyle, and other topics. For this, we rely on FRAMEN's content management tool. They enable us to organize a large amount of information and inspiration, be it our own content or exciting content from external providers and other channels.

Sabine Lichtenegger
Sabine Lichtenegger
Club Manager at Holmes Place

With Framen, we have the possibility to communicate not only our standard information such as the digital bar menu, but also daily news such as sports, news and topics from politics and society. This is very well received by our guests. Additionally, the content is very diverse.

Matthias Ernst
Matthias Ernst
Head of Marketing at A&O

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