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Choose the venue, city, country and time you want to display your ad. Watch your impressions, brand awareness and reputation grow as consumers return to specific locations.

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The FRAMEN Ads Manager is your launchpad for running your brand ads on digital screens at a local or international scale. Achieve your business goals with our easy-to-use, intuitive platform: share your brand’s story, unleash your creatives and track your campaign’s performance in real-time.

Statistics on your FRAMEN Dashboard

The power is in your hands

The FRAMEN Ads Manager allows you to create your brand campaigns, precisely target where, when, and who should see them - at the budget that works for you.

But how good did your ads perform? Track the real-time results and performance metrics like impressions, plays, top-performing cities etc.

Go global with our network

Benefit from FRAMEN's global network of screens and choose from a huge range of countries, cities and locations where you would like your ad campaigns to be displayed. Advertise your brand in London, accelerate growth in Dubai or build your tribe in Berlin - your possibilities are endless with FRAMEN.







Know what you pay for

FRAMEN Dashboard

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Success Stories
Success Stories
Brand Details on your FRAMEN Dashboard
Tell us about your business, so our algorithm can determine the right audience for your brand, find the best venues and display your content in the right context.
Targeting on your FRAMEN Dashboard
Using geotargeting options, advanced time & date scheduling and the power to choose from a variety of creative ad formats, you can influence where in the world your brand is shown.
Budget on your FRAMEN Dashboard
Start your campaign with as little as £10/€10, and use the forecast report to help you find the optimal number of screens and impressions for your budget.
Creatives on your FRAMEN Dashboard
Upload your high-quality creatives for your campaign - both videos and static images can be used to tell your brand story.
Statistics on your FRAMEN Dashboard
Track the real-time results and performance metrics of your ad campaign through our live reports.

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