The Best Ads Manager

Tailor your campaigns to perfection. Target your audience based on venue types, geolocations, and time to influence where, when, and who sees your DOOH ads.

Precision Geotargeting

Select your ad locations from specific venues to entire cities or countries for targeted audience engagement

Engage when it counts

Precisely plan and schedule your ads, allocating impressions more efficiently and reducing waste coverage

Visibility where it matters

Connect with your audience in a variety of exclusive venues where your message is truly contextually relevant

Reliable Forecast

Customize campaign parameters and receive a reliable forecast to fine-tune your strategy, ensuring your efforts align with desired outcomes

Campaign Performance

Get an indication for optimal settings to ensure your campaign reaches its target

Flexible Control

Refine your campaign's settings on the fly for enhanced impact

Team Management

User-roles enable your whole team to collaborate on the same campaign

Share with clients

Generate a campaign preview link for budget approval and much more

Next-Level Customizations

We put in a lot of effort to give you a cutting-edge platform that makes setting up and managing your digital out-of-home campaigns much simpler. With these features, running your campaigns becomes a hassle-free experience.


Dashboard Clarity

Consolidate all your campaigns in one convenient location. Enjoy a clear and organized summary, complete with a variety of filters to help sort and find what you need quickly.

Our platform provides you with essential campaign information and allows you to easily start or pause your campaigns with just one click. Simplify your campaign management for a more efficient and professional approach.

Advanced Geotargeting

Our innovative geotargeting feature enables you to pinpoint precise locations for your campaigns, whether it's individual locations, cities, postalcode or within a specific radius in all countries where we operate. With the integrated Google Maps view, you gain a clear visualization of where your ads will appear, and you have the flexibility to exclude particular areas as required.

Venue Types

Choose the venue types that align perfectly with your campaign's goals. Our ads manager enables you to instantly preview your brand media and apply venue filters to reach specific audience segments effectively.

Schedule & Planning

Choose a specific date or time range for your campaigns. With our advanced scheduling tool, you can even pick precise hours each day to ensure your coverage is focused and effective, maximizing impact for your target audience without unnecessary expenditure.

Multiple Creatives

Easily upload all your images and videos at once with our simple drag-and-drop tool. We support various sizes for both landscape and portrait-oriented ads. You can choose unique thumbnails for each ad to keep things organized. With our creative manager, you can even swap out ads while your campaign is live, making A/B testing possible to further optimize your campaign.

[NEW] QR Code Generation

With this new tool, you can create a QR Code for each ad by simply entering its URL. This makes it easy to track how well your ad is performing and to fine-tune your campaign for the best results.

Forecast Report

This feature provides a overview of your campaign's potential performance. A detailed summary tailored to your campaign settings assists you in making last-minute adjustments or fine-tuning your campaign strategy.

Need to share campaign details with your client? It's easy. The forecast report creates a shareable public link for you to send to anyone. And if you need to keep your budget confidential before sharing, we've ensured you can do just that.


Report & Analysis

The report section offers a quick look at all your campaigns. For more information, just select a campaign to see a detailed breakdown of the key stats. Plus, if you need to, you can export any statistic in different file formats, making it easy to bring your data into your own systems.


Manage your Creatives

Take control and arrange all your media files for each of your campaigns. Upload several files simultaneously in different formats or add an HTML5 ad. Choose a specific thumbnail for your ads to easily tell them apart.



The billing dashboard presents a simple view of all your invoices, showing which have been paid and which are still due. With FRAMEN, you have the option to make payments using either a credit card or a bank transfer.

Team Member

Collaborate with your team on all your campaigns. You can easily bring them on board by inviting them through email. If necessary, use User Roles to limit their access according to their responsibilities, choosing from Viewer, Publisher, or Manager.

Audience Insights

FRAMEN's expertise in helps you to pinpoint the ideal locations and times for your ad campaigns, tailored to the specific product or service you wish to advertise. It offers data-driven guidance to ensure your promotions reach the right audience at the most opportune moments.

You offer
Banking & Tech Services
  • The audience has a certain buying power
  • People are in a B2B mindset
  • Exposure to entrepreneurs and executives
You offer
  • Audience is in a food shopping mindset
  • Maximum proximity to point of sale
  • Context relevancy is extremely high
You offer
Tourism &
  • Audience is travel interested
  • Visuals create an escapism feeling
  • Audience like to discover new places

Programmatic Advertising

DSP & SSP – Advertisers and agencies can execute automated advertising campaigns using FRAMEN's inventory through SSPs such as Broadsign or Hivestack, or directly via FRAMEN's ads manager.

Programmatic Screens
Countries Globally
People Reach Daily
Monthly Impressions

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Analysis & Reporting

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Campaign Report



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Do you have questions?

Is FRAMEN's Software for free?

Yes! Our software is completely without fee. Create your account and login to your dashboard. Once you start an Ad Campaign, enter your payment options for the ad spend.

How much does a campaign cost?

First of all our software itself is completely free. Costs only arise for campaign bookings but are hard to generalize as each campaign is unique. The CPM (Cost per Mille) can vary from location to country to time. You can start with a budget as small as 10$ / £10 and our dynamic campaign performance meter will help you find the optimal settings for your allocated budget.

What target audiences can be found where?

Our Ads Manager has the answer for you! When setting up a campaign, you can find audience filters in our venue picker. Of course our sales teams are always available to share their expertise as well.

Where are the screens?

FRAMEN's network is extensive across numerous countries and many venue categories; our screen count grows daily! We are already in over 20 countries. You can find screens in coworking spaces, fitness studios, doctor's offices, petrol stations or airports, to only name a few. In the Ads Manager you can find a full list of all available venues.

What is different to traditional DOOH?

What sets us apart is that you can focus on your audience in a much more granular way. Compared to the traditional bus stop advert or side of the road billboard, our venues have a greater audience focus. As examples reaching a fitness minded audience in a gym, a car focused one at a gas station or a business mindsets in a coworking office are fairly straight forward. Additionally audiences spend more time at our venues, thus drastically increasing ad impact and efficiency.