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FRAMEN is a content distribution platform for screens in semi-public spaces. This media tech scale-up enables content playback on all standard screens in commercially utilized areas. Through FRAMEN, advertisers and location providers can connect and share relevant content with their target audiences.

With the FRAMEN Ads Manager, advertisers can programmatically book and launch campaigns within minutes, as well as manage and evaluate their performance in real time. At the same time, location providers can monetize screens through content offers using the FRAMEN ScreenManager. FRAMEN is headquartered in Berlin and was founded in 2018 by MagdalenaPusch, Dimitri Gärtner, Alexander Gärtner and Sveatoslav Podobischi. Currently, FRAMEN operates in 10 countries with over 100 employees. For more information, visit

Our claim

We create the best attention.

Our vision

FRAMEN has the vision to be the internet of connected screens.

Our Philosophy

FRAMEN creates an infinite number of global-local tv content channels – the future of tv.

Our brand values

This is how we define .
Passion. FRAMEN is a result out of our affairs of heart. We combine communication, visualization and computer science in one mission.
Openness. People say: “The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open.“. Open doors, open eyes, open ears, open souls and open hearts – we believe this will lead to a better world!
Willingness. Enhancing the way how we communicate is one of the biggest challenges humanity has when living together. We believe that people need to be willing to improve this.
Enthusiasm. People should rethink how communication and specially advertisement is being done. This gives us the motivation open peoples eyes.
Resilience. We know that being a game changer is not easy. But we believe that with resilience and patience, you will come closer to your goal.

Our Team

We create the internet of connected screens! An ambitions goal that can only be created by a great team and dedication.




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Advertisers benefits

Advertisers can reach their target group programmatically and transparently via the FRAMEN technology. Our digital context marketing collects data points around the individual profiles and the behavior of people in the different venues. You book tailored impressions on and receive real-time analyzes and reports about your campaign. The programmatic placement of moving visuals and videos with Digital-out-of-Home per se reaches 2.5x more brain encoding and emotional intensity compared to static poster advertising (OOH). Advertisement via FRAMEN is a cost-efficient addition to the marketing mix – without waste coverage. Moreover, the perception of the brand quality among the consumers increases by 106%.
Advertisers appreciate FRAMEN primarily as a reach medium . They receive a net reach up to 100 million impressions/month (December 2020). Besides brand marketing campaigns, advertisers also use FRAMEN for precise performance measurement : the data-driven dashboard provides performance and analytics in a live report. By connecting additional services such as Google Analytics, the conversion and success of campaigns can be made measurable and, thus, the proportion of recurring customers increases.

Consumers benefits

FRAMEN improves the consumer experience. Consumers receive only relevant news and inspiring content. The content is either provided by the locations themselves – by displaying their own offers, image videos, ambience photography from the FRAMEN content library etc. – or by advertisers and local partners such as museums. Thereby, it is ensured that consumers only receive target group-relevant and engaging information since the FRAMEN technology recommends the most suitable display locations to the content providers.

Screen Provider benefits

Every semi-public location can become a screen provider. FRAMEN provides them with an additional revenue stream besides a smart digital signage software. The opening of screen time to external content like advertisement creates automated income for the screen provider. Thereby, the control over who advertises when and what, stays with the TV owner. Furthermore, FRAMEN allows the screen provider to display relevant and engaging content to its guests without any costs. FRAMEN is the first smart digital signage solution for an easy content and screen management creating a better guest experience that simultaneously creates a direct revenue streams.FRAMEN pursues an asset-light business model, which is why the digital signage software on screens and the programmatic booking platform can be implemented and used time-efficiently. Already existing infrastructure (TVs, projectors, etc) can be geared up within a few minutes and thus continue to be used. When using screen devices with browsers installed, there is no investment needed: Via , the cloud technology activates the screen and makes it bookable. If locations already use a digital signage software for their TVs, FRAMEN offers interfaces to solutions for other digital signage providers. This way, already existing screen networks from hotels, retails, fast food and fitness centers etc can be connected to the FRAMEN platform and be made bookable.

The Founding Quartet

Founded in 2018 by Dimitri Gärtner (CEO), Alexander Gärtner (COO), Sveatoslav Podobischi (CTO), Magdalena Pusch (CMO), the company has defined the "addressable context advertisement" (ACA) market, underlining the importance of the context in which communication and advertising take place. The target group experiences tailored advertisement content in their natural environment. Through brand perception in their familiar life context, brands benefit from higher brand trust and awareness of the brand quality by 106%**.The media tech company is, among others, part of Axel Springer SE, Creator Companies (Softbank) and Axel Springer Porsche (APX).

Footnotes: *WAC 2019, **Report/IPG 2019

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