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As CEO and co-founder of FRAMEN, Dimitri Gärtner is leading the entertainment and marketing world with his revolutionary ideas. His track record is one of continuously fostering change and innovation in technology. His visionary approach and technological know-how are shaping an exciting future for both industries.

Topics & Expertise

As an experienced speaker, Dimitri Gärtner impresses with his versatile presence on various stages effortlessly engaging in English or German. With extensive experience, he appeals to a wide audience by performing professionally and passionately.


As an in-demand thought leader in the field, Dimitri Gärtner has marketing, branding and advertising expertise, most crucially from the various perspectives of the industry.


FRAMEN is a cornerstone of the global Digital-Out-Of-Home industry as one of its leading platforms for programmatic advertising and so much more.
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Tech & Innovation

With deep personal passion and professional track record, Dimitri Gärtner is always on the forefront of technology.


As a founder, with strong fundraising and leadership experience all the way to being an investor, Dimitri Gärtner can cover almost any topic on starting your own business.

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Dimi is fluent in German and English.



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In 2018, together with his three co-founders he founded FRAMEN with the aim of developing a platform that enables content streaming not only in the living room, but also on screens in gyms, hotels, coworking spaces and in retail. Through his experience in the DOOH & TV app sector, he conveys the thesis: "Creating an Internet of Screens." In 2020, Dimitri Gärtner and FRAMEN succeeded in becoming a part of Europe's largest media group Axel Springer, having previously invested in Berlin VCs and the Japanese giant Softbank. Together with FRAMEN, he wants to become the Netflix of the B2B tech industry. At FRAMEN, Dimitri Gärtner is responsible for go-to-market strategy, innovation and company growth.

Venture Capital
He invests in other companies

Deutsche Bank
Previously he worked for five years at Deutsche Bank in the Digital Strategy Division.


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