Cavalry wanted to capitalise on brand exposure by using FRAMEN’s global network of screens for promoting their NFT collection.

The Goal

Founded in 2016, Cavalry Ventures is a founder-centric early-stage venture capital firm in Berlin, Germany. Cavalry is sector-agnostic and invests in software businesses in pre-seed and seed stages across Europe. Cavalry’s portfolio includes over 50 companies such as Forto, McMakler, REKKI, BRYTER, and PlanRadar.

In 2021, they launched their first NFT Collection. “We asked our network for their wallet addresses and airdropped a free NFT to everyone to get things started. The whole launch was mainly supported by a social media campaign on LinkedIn and Twitter and communicated across multiple podcasts.” Marcel Hollerbach, Co-Founder & Entrepreneurial Partner at Cavalry.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness about the collection and encourage businesses to use it for their marketing purposes. “Having exposure in a lot of WeWork offices across Europe could get Cavalry in front of the right audience like tech-savvy early adopters,” Marcel says. Additionally, Cavalry wanted to capitalise on brand exposure by using FRAMEN’s global network of screens for promoting their NFT collection.

The Solution

“My entrepreneurial roots are in marketing (SEO and performance marketing) and I have seen very early on that out-of-home campaigns have an incredibly strong impact on digital marketing. So, when I learned about FRAMEN I was excited to see what it could do for Cavalry! The ability to run out-of-home videos has been commercially transformative, especially with FRAMEN’s network and power to pinpoint specific finance/business interests and demographics. This was the perfect fit for our collection.” -Marcel Hollerbach

For its campaign, Cavalry selected in the FRAMEN Ads Manager socio-demographic and geotargeting features to focus on coworking spaces across Europe. By targeting early adopters and tech-savvy people, coworking spaces provide the perfect environment for promoting products or services. The type of people found in coworking spaces will generally have an affinity towards business, finance and digital products, meaning your product will be seen by potential consumers who are receptive and open-minded.

They created a diverse set of digital assets that would captivate a wide range of collectors with different interests. To promote the collection, Cavalry A/B tested a variety of creatives on FRAMEN screens.

The Result

When it comes to advertising, targeting the right audience is essential. Not only does this help to ensure that your message is seen by those who are most interested, but it also helps to limit scatter loss - the waste that occurs when your ad is seen by people who are not part of your target audience and have no interest in your product/service. This is why Cavalry approached FRAMEN and wanted to leverage the functionality of pinpointing their specific target demographic and respective interests.

With a network that perfectly fits Cavalry's target audience, they knew that scatter loss would be kept to a minimum. As the campaign's success shows, this was exactly the case. Thanks to FRAMEN, Cavalry was able to reach their audience of tech-savvy early adopters effectively and efficiently, resulting in a highly successful campaign. It helped to spread the word about the Cavalry NFT collection and they received 6+ million impressions in total.

Marcel summarises: “Aside from the impact on sales, we got so much feedback from people who have seen the campaign in one of the WeWork offices. Everybody was very excited about it as the approach is so fresh and new. Also, the fact that FRAMEN offers so much flexibility, we could play around with multiple creatives and really test what works and what doesn’t.”

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