Globalance Invest

Building national awareness for future-oriented investments. Globalance Invest stands for a paradigm shift in the financial world. Globalance focuses on future-oriented capital investments. They advise private clients, families and foundations on how to invest their assets in a future-oriented way.

The Goal

Globalance Invest wants to draw attention to future-oriented investments. With the following urgent message: What impact does global warming have on your portfolio? Few people think about the impact of global warming or water shortage on their portfolio. For their campaign, Globalance Invest wants to reach sustainability-oriented people who have selected them via the FRAMEN Campaign Planner and focus on the professional segment. To do this, brands can benefit from the "community effect." Brands create inspiration and incentives with brand communication via TVs in community areas to reach conversation topics for people with similar interests.

The Solution

Globalance Invest knew that in order for their campaign to be successful, they needed to boost their reach. Community areas such as in CoWorking Spaces were ideal for this purpose. The campaign launched in WeWork location, among others, where majority are decision makers/entrepreneurs and top-of-mind individuals with a keen interest in sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Furthermore, the audiences are future-oriented and open for new, better, digital solutions to make the world a little bit better.

The Result

With direct questions like "Did you know? In 2040, the Arctic will have to experience an ice-free summer for the first time. What impact will global warming have on your portfolio?" gets Globalance Invest viewers' immediate attention. A large proportion of CoWorking Space members have invested their assets in investments, but few will take environmental and sustainability factors into account when making investment decisions. This is about to change. A QR code at the end of the campaign video can be used to subscribe to the Globalance trend magazine. The magazine provides information about sustainable and future-oriented investments, presents innovative companies and business models, and delivers exciting analyses of megatrends in the economy, society, technology, and the environment.

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