WeWork, one of the world's largest co-working space providers, advertised its All Access membership.

The Goal

With its campaign, WeWork wanted to win over companies and self-employed business people for their All Access membership. In this context, FRAMEN’s access to semi-public spaces, in which mainly decision-makers and entrepreneurs are located, was highly interesting. The cooperation made it possible to reach people who are active in several locations and are therefore right at the core of the target group of WeWork’s campaign.

The Solution

FRAMEN gave WeWork access to hedonists, performers and decision-makers in premium touchpoints in the centre of Berlin. The campaign was live in premium fitness studios and in the hotel Grand Hyatt Berlin. In terms of content, it was advertised that the All Access membership enables access to 15 WeWork offices throughout Germany. By running a campaign in premium fitness studios and hotels, you can reach entrepreneurs who travel a lot and who are particularly interested in a flexible place of work. Because it was placed in fitness studios, the campaign received full attention, the long dwell time is ideal and the screens offer perfect entertainment for the breaks in between training sessions. The Grand Hyatt Berlin screens also placed the campaign directly in the desired B2B environment. The clear CTA in the campaign visual, plus the interesting animation, was not only an eye catcher, but was also remembered for a long time due to the well placed branding. In addition, a QR code and the reference to WeWork’s landing page made it possible to measure the success of the campaign.

The Result

Through its placement in the FRAMEN network, WeWork reached numerous business people in an environment with an above-average length of stay. By targeting locations that are represented throughout Germany, people could be targeted who, through their membership in these locations, have already expressed an interest in companies represented throughout Germany with flexible options. The campaign not only increased brand awareness, but also highly increased the level of awareness of their All Access membership.

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