FRAMEN signs an exclusive agreement with the iH Hotels group for the commercialisation of their screens throughout the National territory

New inventory from the travel and hotel sector is now available to book, allowing brands from various categories to plan their video and display campaigns on 20 screens in the following cities: Courmayeur, Milan, Padua, Rome, Villasimius. 

  • The inventory will be available for brands from different merchandise categories.
  • Priority sectors for campaigns include: automotive, fashion, lifestyle, luxury, technology, food and drink, travel/air transport and trains, sports, banking, and insurance. 
  • Access to a profiled audience, focusing on business users. FRAMEN is Europe’s first contextual indoor B2B solution in programmatic. 
  • iHotel screens will broadcast brand experience campaigns that impact awareness and brand performance, alongside FRAMEN's editorial content and iH Hotels' corporate communication. 
  • This offer will be available to all advertisers simply by booking through FRAMEN's self-serve platform.

Milan, 3rd June 2024 - FRAMEN is a German company under the Axel Springer group specialising in Digital Out Of Home. They are the creators of an innovative streaming platform for indoor screens in public-private areas to distribute programmatic advertisements, offering exclusive proprietary inventories. They are pleased to announce an exclusive agreement with the iH Hotels group. The hotel group is present across Italy with 11 business hotels and 2 resorts located in major tourist cities, art destinations, and seaside and mountain resorts.

Premium Screens at just one click

The prestigious spaces of this hotel chain represent a premium and exclusive inventory to target a qualified audience, particularly business and high-spending individuals. The partnership with iH Hotels will offer advertisers access to an inventory that can be booked on a reservation or programmatic basis through the FRAMEN Ads Manager. 

Higher OTS and high dwell times

This inventory offers a significantly higher OTS compared to common roadside DOOH, as consumers targeted in these contexts have longer dwell times, promoting engagement. Additionally, the presence of premium editorial content in pre-roll and post-roll captures attention qualitatively, with high dwell times spent watching the screen. 

“We are thrilled to announce our new exclusive partnership with iH Hotels, a significant step for Framen. Thanks to this collaboration, Framen will expand its inventory offering with new screens dedicated to the hotel category. This allows us to broaden our presence in premium contexts, offering advertisers the opportunity to reach a highly qualified audience in exclusive environments. This partnership not only strengthens our position in the market but also underscores our commitment to providing high-quality, value-added advertising solutions,” said Antonella La Carpia, Country Project Lead of Framen Italy. 

“We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Framen, which represents an important and innovative added value for iH Hotels. Thanks to indoor DOOH campaigns, we are able to significantly enhance our guests' experience, providing quality informative and entertainment content and the possibility of cross-selling between our hotels and resorts. This partnership allows us to leverage our premium screens to convey targeted and engaging messages, improving communication within our spaces. We are always attentive to innovations in the hotel sector and ready to integrate the best technologies for a more immersive experience,” said  Alice Milia Digital Marketing Specialist od  iH Hotels