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The most popular sport in the world is coming to Germany this summer. You want to take advantage of this media moment, but are weary of overbooked and overpriced options. We might have just what you've been looking for.

A look to the past

5.2 billion cumulative global live audience at Euro 2020

  • Live match cumulative event audience: 5.2 billion
  • Live average audience for the final: 328 million
  • Live average match audience: 100 million+
  • Live unique reach of 1.9 billion
  • Number of territories: 229
  • Number of broadcasters: 137


Advertise in Germany's 10

strongest media markets

June 14th - July 14th, 2024

Games will be held in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen with collectively 11.5+ million residents. For reference, the 2006 World Cup held in Germany attracted 3.3+ million attendees of the games from all over the world!

Our Network in Germany

Weekly Impressions

Our reach in match cities

Match Cities


Population of 3.6 million with the final, one quarter final, one round of 16 and 3 group games at the historic Olympia Stadion.


  • 7 million Impressions/week   
  • 380 Locations
  • 654 Screens

10km around stadium: 

  • 3 million Impressions/week   
  • 138 Locations
  • 253 Screens


Population of 1.5 million with one semi-final, one round of 16 and 4 group games at Allianz Arena.


  • 4.2 million Impressions/week   
  • 287 Locations
  • 398 Screens

10km around stadium: 

  • 1.4 million Impressions/week   
  • 121 Locations
  • 181 Screens


Population of 1.8 million with one quarter-final and 4 group games at Volkspark Stadion.


  • 4.2 million Impressions/week   
  • 274 Locations
  • 428 Screens

10km around stadium: 

  • 2.5 million Impressions/week   
  • 144 Locations
  • 237 Screens


Population of 1.1 million with one round of 16 and 4 group games at RheinEnergie Stadion.


  • 1.6 million Impressions/week   
  • 151 Locations
  • 198 Screens

10km around stadium: 

  • 1.6 million Impressions/week   
  • 146 Locations
  • 196 Screens

Frankfurt / Main

Population of 753 thousand with one round of 16 and 4 group games at Deutsche Bank Park.


  • 2.6 million Impressions/week   
  • 66 Locations
  • 127 Screens

10km around stadium: 

  • 3.5 million Impressions/week   
  • 91 Locations
  • 167 Screens


Population of 619 thousand with one quarter-final, one round of 16 and 3 group games at Merkur Spielarena.


  • 1.3 million Impressions/week   
  • 83 Locations
  • 123 Screens

10km around stadium: 

  • 1.5 million Impressions/week   
  • 109 Locations
  • 151 Screens


Population of 634 thousand with one quarter-final and 4 group games at Mercedes Benz Arena.


  • 3.3 million Impressions/week   
  • 107 Locations
  • 146 Screens

10km around stadium: 

  • 3.5 million Impressions/week   
  • 133 Locations
  • 173 Screens


Population of 587 thousand with one round of 16 and 3 group games at Red Bull Arena.


  • 805 thousand Impressions/week   
  • 62 Locations
  • 87 Screens

10km around stadium: 

  • 900 thousand Impressions/week   
  • 66 Locations
  • 93 Screens


Population of 587 thousand with one semi-final, one round of 16 and 4 group games at Signal Iduna Park.


  • 996 thousand Impressions/week   
  • 91 Locations
  • 135 Screens

10km around stadium: 

  • 1.1 million Impressions/week   
  • 109 Locations
  • 153 Screens


Population of 260 thousand with one round of 16 and 3 group games at Veltins Arena.


  • 293 thousand Impressions/week   
  • 31 Locations
  • 46 Screens

10km around stadium: 

  • 868 thousand Impressions/week   
  • 79 Locations
  • 119 Screens
Special Area of Interest


From one end to the other in 70km you have the highest populated area in all of Germany with Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen & Düsseldorf all hosting games in the region. And Cologne is only another 45km away. In sum the area has a population of 5.1 million people and 15 games between Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen and Düsseldorf.

Across the region: 

  • 6.1 million Impressions/week   
  • 600 Locations
  • 840 Screens

Context matters
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