Euro 2024: FRAMEN Advertising Options for the biggest tournament of the summer
Euro 2024: FRAMEN Advertising Options for the biggest tournament of the summer
Out-of-phone: FRAMEN revolutionises the content creator world with its own creator program
Out-of-phone: FRAMEN revolutionises the content creator world with its own creator program
Lift screens from Schindler conquer the digital advertising market with FRAMEN
Lift screens from Schindler conquer the digital advertising market with FRAMEN

Brand Reach Revolution

Use our network of innovative digital billboards and connected TVs to advertise to 200 million people exactly where you want, when you want! -> For example during the Euro 2024.

Used by the world largest 1.000 companies

Launch in Minutes

Launch in Minutes

Fast setup

Our algorithm can determine the right audience for your brand, find the best venues and display your content in the right context.

Geotarget & Scheduling

The power to choose from a variety of creative ad formats, you can influence where and when in the world your brand is shown.

FRAMEN Easy Onboarding

Upload your creatives

Videos, static images and HTML5 creatives can be used to tell your brand story.

Start with any budget

Use the forecast report to help you find the optimal number of screens and impressions for your budget.

FRAMEN Quick Campaign Launch

You're good to go!

Your campaign is live and will immediately be seen by users in your desired region.

Real-time adjustments

Make changes in an instant to optimize your campaign performance.

FRAMEN Real-time Campaign Adjustment

Global Live Feed

Programmatic Screens
Countries Globally
People Reach Daily
Monthly Impressions


Target Ideal Customers

Boost your brand reach in over 20,000 prime locations, engaging with a 200-million-strong audience in places like coworking spaces, luxury hotels, gyms, and malls.

Agile Campaign Management

Quickly adjust your campaigns as needed without extensive planning. Adapt on-the-fly to improve results effectively.

Cost-Efficient Advertising

Start advertising with as little as $10/£10. Enjoy significant impact without a large budget, and the freedom of no binding contracts.

Rapid Campaign Setup

Sign up at no cost and launch your campaign almost instantly. Our Sales team is ready to help with any assistance you may require.

Success Stories


Across Germany, FRAMEN strategically deploys Stepstone's campaign within pivotal coworking hubs, engaging a captive business demographic actively contemplating career shifts and organizations seeking talents and new joiners.

FRAMEN Vodafon Campaign


Leveraging FRAMEN's dynamic reach, Vodafone elevates brand presence among professional cohorts within prime coworking locales, ensuring an impressive daily exposure averaging eight hours and resonating with eco-conscious consumers.


Pro Columbia

PROCOLOMBIA, in partnership with FRAMEN, extends its campaign beyond social channels to strategic DOOH networks, enabling precision targeting. Jewgeni Patrouchev cites, "Through digital out of home, we can target the customers precisely".


Are you a content creator?

Expand your audience and be the first to monetize your content with our Digital out of Home platform.

Do you have questions?

Is FRAMEN's Software for free?

Yes! Our software is completely without fee. Create your account and login to your dashboard. Once you start an Ad Campaign, enter your payment options for the ad spend.

How much does a campaign cost?

First of all our software itself is completely free. Costs only arise for campaign bookings but are hard to generalize as each campaign is unique. The CPM (Cost per Mille) can vary from location to country to time. You can start with a budget as small as 10$ / £10 and our dynamic campaign performance meter will help you find the optimal settings for your allocated budget.

What target audiences can be found where?

Our Ads Manager has the answer for you! When setting up a campaign, you can find audience filters in our venue picker. Of course our sales teams are always available to share their expertise as well.

Where are the screens?

FRAMEN's network is extensive across numerous countries and many venue categories; our screen count grows daily! We are already in over 20 countries. You can find screens in coworking spaces, fitness studios, doctor's offices, petrol stations or airports, to only name a few. In the Ads Manager you can find a full list of all available venues.

What is different to traditional DOOH?

What sets us apart is that you can focus on your audience in a much more granular way. Compared to the traditional bus stop advert or side of the road billboard, our venues have a greater audience focus. As examples reaching a fitness minded audience in a gym, a car focused one at a gas station or a business mindsets in a coworking office are fairly straight forward. Additionally audiences spend more time at our venues, thus drastically increasing ad impact and efficiency.

Get in touch

Our sales team will gladly assist you with campaign planning.

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