5 Reasons to Use DOOH for Your Advertising Strategy

May 13, 2024
, written by
Carrie Slayton
FRAMEN's DOOH solutions are the optimal tool to propel your advertising strategy to reach your target audience at the moment that matters.

As an advertiser, you're constantly seeking the best way to be in the right place at the right time to reach your target audience. Digital Out of Home (DOOH), combining digital advertising and traditional OOH (Out-of-Home), offers a solution. The results you will  achieve will quickly show you why you should advertise with DOOH for your business. FRAMEN's DOOH solutions are the optimal tool to propel your advertising strategy to reach your target audience at the moment that matters.  

  1. Exposure on Premium and Dynamic Formats

FRAMEN offers an exclusive platform with digital screens strategically placed for seamless integration into various environments. Benefit from diverse emerging formats to position your brand at the heart of life, travel, and leisure venues such as fitness centers and restaurants, reaching a wider audience and catching the attention of passersby.

  1. Real-Time Contextualization for Maximum Relevance

In an information-saturated world, contextualizing campaigns is crucial. FRAMEN's DOOH solutions offer exceptional flexibility to deliver your content at the right moment such as at the checkout counter at the supermarket or while filling your tank at the gas station. React to weather conditions, sporting events, and other contextual factors to captivate your audience with increased relevance, optimizing your internal communication.

  1. Programmatic DOOH: Flexibility and Power

With FRAMEN's Ads Manager, access the power of programmatic DOOH. FRAMEN allows you to manage your campaigns in real-time, targeting your audience with exceptional precision. The DOOH platform provides access to an inventory of thousands of digital screens in locations such as hotels and coworking spaces, ensuring proximity and relevance in audience targeting.

  1. Trusted and Responsible Media

FRAMEN goes beyond being just an advertising medium. It's a trusted partner facilitating communication with the community and consumers. FRAMEN's responsible approach to digital screens is more eco-friendly than traditional outdoor advertising that uses paper as its medium, promoting environmentally respectful communication and strengthening public trust.

  1. FRAMEN Ads Manager: Campaign Management Made Easy

FRAMEN's Ads Manager offers simplified and efficient campaign management. Advertisers can book, launch, and manage their campaigns within minutes, while evaluating performance in real-time. This user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing advertisers to maximize their advertising impact and optimize internal communication. The FRAMEN Screen Manager enables location owners to manage and display content while earning passive income from ad revenue. 

Choosing FRAMEN's DOOH solutions is a strategic decision for advertisers. Enjoy premium brand exposure, precise contextualization, powerful programmatic capabilities, and easy campaign management to propel your brand to new heights. Contact us today to take your advertising strategy to the next level with FRAMEN, and start targeting your audience more precisely for optimal results today.