CosH catches the eye of B2B customers

December 20, 2021
Recently, the Media Group Nürnberg (MGN) became an agency partner of FRAMEN. We're delighted about this partnership and growing in success together - learn everything about this cooperation.

Recently, the Media Group Nürnberg (MGN) has become an agency partner of FRAMEN. It serves its clients such as Telekom, Lenovo, or City of Copenhagen with an all-around carefree package because the young, dynamic team not only takes care of major campaign planning but has also earned itself an outstanding position in creative creation and brand strengthening. At MGN, the client gets everything of online marketing from one source, which means that brand communication in all channels is formed from one cut. In keeping with its focus on online and digital marketing, FRAMEN s now also part of the media mix on offer and has gained a strong hearing on the client-side.

Media Gruppe Nürnberg as new Partner

FRAMEN provides the Media Group Nürnberg with an innovative, digital marketing channel across Germany and across borders. By playing off programmatic campaigns via TV screens in a context relevant to the target group, brand safety is guaranteed and topics such as ad fraud - an issue that is increasingly being discussed in social media - are smartly avoided. Especially in current debates on social media advertising and the Facebook boycott, many brands are looking for alternative advertising opportunities. Add to this the effects of the Corona crisis, as a result of which numerous marketing budgets have been cut and brands are hoping for innovative solutions to reach their customers.

Oliver Winkler, Managing Director of MGN, is looking forward to the cooperation: "When FRAMEN was presented to us, we were immediately thrilled. For us, FRAMEN is one of the best products that the marketing market currently offers. That's why we immediately included the service in our product portfolio. Within the first week of the official FRAMEN sales phase at MGN, there were directly 7 strongly interested brands, all of which will join sooner or later".A dream start!

MGN logo

Agencies benefit as well

Agencies benefit from cooperation with FRAMEN through an exclusive exchange as well as in terms of costs, time, and resources. Campaigns can be booked end-to-end on FRAMEN. Visuals and creatives can be uploaded directly and can be exchanged afterward. A release is made within 48 hours. Therefore advertisers can advertise spontaneously.

Thanks to the online campaign plan, both the agency and the advertiser have an overview of past, current, and future campaigns at all times. The online dashboard also offers campaign reports and analytics afterward. Of course, agencies also benefit financially from the inclusion of FRAMEN in their media mix with a commission of up to 30% of the advertising budget (as of July 2020).

CosH launches B2B-Campaign

One of the first MGN clients booking via FRAMEN is the international IT system house CosH Information technology. The IT system house offers a comprehensive service from IT consulting to training and service. For the B2B company, it is inefficient to reach potential customers with the conventional marketing channels: too high wastage and no hyper-targeting for B2B. With the elimination of physical trade fairs and conferences by Corona, this B2B advertising channel has now also been eliminated.

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But this is where FRAMEN comes into play. CEO Manuel Wagner of CosH: "The Mediengruppe Nürnberg told us about FRAMEN and we were immediately enthusiastic. As a dynamic modern company in a digital world, we like to break new ground in marketing before anyone else and look forward to numerous qualified leads". Thanks to the innovative way of digital advertising, CosH can now reach its target group directly in its natural working environment. Fun Fact: By playing it off in the room, the CosH campaign has already stimulated conversation among the target group about its products. The placement of CosH in a success-driven B2B environment was successful in any case!

The first two-week campaign has been live since 13 July 2020. The advertising will be played out at WeWork CoWorking Space Locations in Germany (Frankfurt, Munich). There CosH reaches exactly its target group because as an IT supplier for companies it addresses both young and established companies. At WeWork, a high-priced co-working space in major German cities, the TV screens are placed in strategically well-thought-out locations so that the campaign is played out in the target group's natural working environment. Cosh now reaches decision-makers and productivity-driven executives in companies - it's easy with FRAMEN.