The Power of Retail Media: Transforming Consumer Engagement with FRAMEN

June 7, 2024
, written by
Carrie Slayton
Retail media paves a new way for brands to engage with consumers, offering innovative methods for targeted and impactful advertising. FRAMEN’s approach to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising offers brands innovative ways to get the most out of the potential of retail media. 

Retail media paves a new way for brands to engage with consumers, offering innovative methods for targeted and impactful advertising. Understanding the concept of retail media and how it can be leveraged will allow brands to stay ahead in a competitive market. FRAMEN’s approach to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising offers brands innovative ways to get the most out of the potential of retail media. 

What is Retail Media?

Retail media, also known as trade marketing, involves the strategic use of advertising within retail environments to influence purchasing decisions. This can occur both onsite (within the retailer's digital properties like websites and apps) and offsite (outside the retailer's direct digital ecosystem, such as on third-party websites). The primary goal is to create brand awareness and drive sales by reaching consumers at critical points in their shopping journey, such as at the point of purchase. 

Retail Media Networks

A retail media network comprises advertising spaces across various retail channels that brands can use to promote their products. These networks facilitate targeted marketing by leveraging data to place ads where they are most likely to be seen by potential customers. Examples include banners on e-commerce sites, sponsored products on shopping apps, and digital ads in physical stores. Retail media networks are essential for brands looking to reach a broad yet precise audience, utilizing various platforms to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.

Retail Media: A Paradigm Shift

The concept of retail media has evolved significantly, encompassing a broader spectrum of advertising opportunities. Traditionally, retail media focused on onsite marketing within e-commerce platforms, but the integration of offsite retail media has expanded the scope. Offsite retail media includes advertisements displayed outside of a retailer's direct properties, such as on social media platforms and third-party websites. This holistic approach ensures that brands can maintain a consistent presence across multiple touchpoints, increasing the likelihood of consumer engagement and conversion.

The Growth of Retail Media

Retail media has seen exponential growth in recent years, becoming a cornerstone of the advertising industry. According to the World Advertising Research Center (WARC), investments in retail media are set to rise significantly, underscoring its importance and effectiveness. In Germany, retail media is forecasted to be the fastest-growing media channel in 2024, driven by increasing investments and technological advancements. This growth highlights the effectiveness of retail media in reaching consumers and driving sales, making it a crucial component of modern advertising strategies.

Benefits of Retail Media

Targeted Marketing: Retail media allows brands to deliver highly targeted ads to specific demographics. By analyzing shopping behavior and preferences, brands can place ads where they are most likely to influence purchasing decisions. This targeted approach ensures that advertising budgets are spent efficiently, maximizing return on investment.

Contextual Placement: Placing ads near relevant products or within thematically aligned areas of a store enhances the likelihood of capturing customer attention and driving sales. This strategy ensures that advertising is both visible and contextually relevant, increasing the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Well-placed ads that provide valuable information and compelling visuals can significantly improve the shopping experience. This not only boosts customer satisfaction but also builds trust in the brand. Enhancing the customer experience through informative and engaging advertising can lead to higher levels of brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

High Return on Investment: Retail media often yields a high return on advertising spend (ROAS), outperforming traditional advertising channels like TV and outdoor advertising. This is due to its ability to reach consumers at the point of purchase when they are most likely to make buying decisions. The precise targeting and contextual relevance of retail media contribute to its high effectiveness and profitability.

Retail Media Trends

The shift towards e-retail media and the integration of digital advertising in physical retail spaces are notable trends. Retailers are increasingly using digital screens and interactive displays to engage customers in-store, blending the physical and digital shopping experiences. This integration of digital and physical retail environments creates a seamless and immersive shopping experience for consumers, driving engagement and sales.

FRAMEN’s Role in Retail Media

FRAMEN’s extensive DOOH network in Germany is perfectly positioned to help brands capitalize on the opportunities presented by retail media. With over 14,253 screens in 10,881 locations, FRAMEN delivers 116 million weekly impressions, ensuring high visibility and engagement for your campaigns.

Why Choose FRAMEN for Your Campaign?

  • Targeted Reach: FRAMEN’s strategically placed screens in high-traffic areas ensure your ads reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Engaging Content: Our screens blend entertainment and advertising, ensuring higher retention and brand recall.
  • Flexibility and Control: With the FRAMEN Ads Manager, you have full control over your campaign, from budget setting to real-time performance monitoring.
  • High Awareness: Our content is contextually relevant, ensuring your ads integrate seamlessly into the viewing experience.

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By leveraging FRAMEN’s extensive DOOH network, brands can effectively tap into the growing potential of retail media, ensuring their message resonates with a massive audience. Embrace the future of advertising with FRAMEN and achieve unparalleled reach and engagement for your brand.