FRAMEN Brings Its Innovative Digital Advertising Solutions to the US Market

  • The digital out-of-home advertising platform brings its network of screens to the US
  • FRAMEN exclusively operates 3,000+ screens throughout the US, with a recent addition of 500+ screens, in addition to their50,000+ screens in 4,000 cities throughout 20+ countries
  • FRAMEN’s Ads Manager allows brands to easily book advertising slots on FRAMEN screens

[New York, September 1] - FRAMEN, a digital out-of-home advertising platform with a strong presence throughout Europe, is taking its extensive network of screens overseas as it announces its expansion and exploration into the US market, offering digital advertising solutions for brands, agencies, media planners and buyers, and advertising agencies across the United States.

"We are excited to introduce FRAMEN to the US market and provide brands with a game-changing advertising platform that helps companies and brands to attract more fans," said now U.S.-based JeffreyKing, US & UK Vice President at FRAMEN. "Our digital signage solutions offer unmatched opportunities for brands to showcase their products and services, captivate their audience, and drive measurable results. With our AdsManager, booking advertising slots has never been simpler. This can be done via our key account manager or self serviced because at FRAMEN, the Client isKing."

The company has a proven track record of success with its innovative strategy that connects brands to their target audience by displaying digital advertisements on screens in locations they know their customers will visit at the precise time they are likely to be there. FRAMEN has a global network of over 50,000 screens in 4,000 cities across 20+countries, helping more than 300 brands such as Porsche, Uber, Ben &Jerry’s and Samsung reach their target audiences by displaying ads in locations such as WeWork coworking spaces, Burger King and Shell gas stations.

Across the US, FRAMEN currently makes over 3,162strategically-placed screens in supermarkets, convenience stores, liquor stores, and hotels accessible to advertisers, and is now connecting an additional 500 screens. Their primary focus is on fast-moving consumer goods(FMCG) networks and mainly reaches local shoppers. Their strategy ensures that brands meet their target group at their point of need and when they are more likely to be receptive to FRAMEN’s DOOH network – in other words, reaching for example business executives at hotels during check-in and check-out time, fitness enthusiasts during peak hours at the gym, and car owners as they stop for gas before their morning commute, and so on.

FRAMEN's expansion into the US market is a natural bridge between Europe and the US, marking their commitment to crossing geographical boundaries and seamlessly building partnerships with brands across the world by offering tailored advertising solutions for a variety of industries across the two continents.

As FRAMEN explores the US market, it brings with it a range of cutting-edge advertising technologies and services that will transform the way brands promote their products and engage customers. One such tool is the FRAMEN Ads Manager, which allows brands, agencies, media planners and buyers to book campaigns in less than 5 minutes on FRAMEN's screens with ease and efficiency, or simply to monitor their campaigns – it can be managed by you or we can provide 100% of the service because at FRAMEN, the client is king.

The Ads Manager allows brands to connect to their target audience by displaying contextually-relevant ads at the precise time and place their potential customers will be around to see it. Reach out to our sales managers, who know every single screen in our network and can guarantee that all of our screens on our exclusive network are up and running at all times, giving you more certainty about how and where your money is spent. At any given time during the campaign, you can customise the settings to fit the needs of your brand. However you want it, FRAMEN can do it for you.

If you’d like to connect your network to FRAMEN solutions or would like to join our Ads Manager network, get in touch and we’d be happy to send you more information about how you can start earning revenue today.


FRAMEN is the leading player for information, entertainment, and advertising content on displays in locations such as gyms, hotels, and coworking spaces. The media-tech scale-up enables display on all standard screens in commercially used spaces. Through FRAMEN, advertisers and location operators can connect and share relevant content with their target audiences. Using the FRAMEN Ads Manager, advertisers can programmatically book, launch, and manage campaigns in minutes, while also evaluating performance in real-time. Simultaneously, location operators can monetise their screens through the provision of content using the FRAMEN Screen Manager.

FRAMEN’s headquarters is in Berlin and was founded in 2018 by Magdalena Pusch, Dimitri Gärtner, Alexander Gärtner, and Sveatoslav Podobinschi. Currently, FRAMEN is active in 24 countries with nearly 100 employees.

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