FRAMEN Introduces New Studio Feature for Seamless Content Creation

FRAMEN Introduces New Studio Feature for Seamless Content Creation

Berlin, 11.01.2024 — FRAMEN is announcing the launch of its latest feature on their platform: the Studio tool. This feature simplifies campaign creation with an intuitive interface that allows users without extensive design experience or a big budget to create marketing and advertising materials directly on the FRAMEN dashboard.

Key features to break boundaries

  • Versatile Creative Formats: Studio supports the creation of both static and motion creatives in portrait and landscape formats (9:16 & 16:9), perfectly fitting the dimensions of the screens in FRAMEN’s network
  • Inspiration from Templates: Studio comes equipped with a  growing number of pre-made templates, a variety of fonts, and design elements to inspire and streamline the creative process. It is also filled with photo and video libraries.
  • Create and edit ad-content faster: Marketers can easily enhance their campaigns by incorporating their own design elements through a simple drag-and-drop feature, and it’s possible to always re-edit content once posted with the use of Studio.

Content Creation on the fast lane for everyone

Studio allows advertisers to bring their creative visions to life directly in the FRAMEN Ads Manager, eliminating the need for external design resources. It offers an intuitive and easily understandable interface that allows even marketing professionals without extensive design knowledge or a big budget to create advertising materials.

It is also a valuable asset to Screen Providers because content, promotions and other announcements can be created within the tool and seamlessly integrated into playlists in real-time. This functionality is particularly advantageous for businesses with frequently-changing offers, such as hotels with varying spa schedules, allowing them to keep guests informed with up-to-the-minute updates.

Dimitri Gärtner, CEO and co-founder of FRAMEN, commented on the launch: "Studio represents a significant leap forward in streamlining the creative process for our users. Now marketers, screen providers and content creators alike can enjoy a seamless and intuitive tool to bring their ideas to life with efficiency and impact."

This collaborative feature extends to content creators utilizing FRAMEN Screens, providing a platform for them to seamlessly share their creative content. As FRAMEN continues to evolve, these initiatives underscore the commitment to fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment for all users.

Beta version kick off

FRAMEN is actively engaged in ongoing testing with their clients to enhance the platform, addressing bugs and refining the user experience. Looking ahead, the company has ambitious plans, including potential integrations with prominent stock websites and artificial intelligence applications. In line with their emphasis on community engagement, FRAMEN wants to encourage users to contribute by eventually sharing their templates with the broader community.

“This beta version of Studio is just the beginning of this useful tool. We are constantly improving our products to engage our communities even more and are looking forward to future versions of this new feature,” Dimitri adds. Studio demonstrates FRAMEN’s commitment to empowering businesses of all sizes with digital advertising solutions. For more information on Studio and its capabilities, view our tutorial or log in to the tool directly in the Ads Manager or Screen Manager.


FRAMEN is the leading player for information, entertainment, and advertising content on displays in locations such as gyms, hotels, and coworking spaces. The media-tech scale-up enables display on all standard screens in commercially used spaces. Through FRAMEN, advertisers and location operators can connect and share relevant content with their target audiences. Using the FRAMEN Ads Manager, advertisers can programmatically book, launch, and manage campaigns in minutes, while also evaluating performance in real-time. Simultaneously, location operators can monetise their screens through the provision of content using the FRAMEN Screen Manager.

FRAMEN’s headquarters is in Berlin and was founded in 2018 by Magdalena Pusch, Dimitri Gärtner, Alexander Gärtner, and Sveatoslav Podobinschi. Currently, FRAMEN is active in 24 countries with nearly 100 employees.

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