FRAMEN launches new Facebook-style Ads Manager for out-of-home advertising

  • FRAMEN offers brands, advertisers and agencies the opportunity to run advertisements on TV screens at gyms, supermarkets, coworking spaces and other locations dynamically and in real-time.
  • The FRAMEN Ads Manager brings the speed of online advertising platforms to the outdated out of home industry, giving marketers and agencies the ability to go live with their campaign in minutes and track performance instantly.
  • The FRAMEN algorithm uses advanced targeting technologies to provide advertisers with high interest audiences
  • FRAMEN’s cookieless form of advertising helps overcome the limitations of online advertising and GDPR related privacy issues.

Berlin, 09.06.2022 FRAMEN announced at the OMR Festival 2022 the launch of the FRAMEN Ads Manager – an online ad platform to schedule and run out-of-home campaigns at Europe’s leading semi-public locations, including gyms, co-working spaces, hotels, supermarkets, gas stations, bars and restaurants.

The FRAMEN Ads Manager gives brands, advertisers and agencies the opportunity to directly schedule, monitor, and improve the performance of, and improve the performance of their digital digital OOH campaigns. Advertisers don’t only select geolocal parameters and the types of venues where they like their ads to be displayed, they can also select their targeted audience by two main parameters: demographic and interests. After choosing the budget and timing, advertisers can directly upload their creative content. FRAMEN claims that the speed, ease of use and sophisticated audience targeting features will make users of Facebook or LinkedIn ad platforms feel right at home. Brands such as WhatsApp, Uber and Vodafone, as well as smaller brands are actively using the FRAMEN Ads Manager to run ads and manage brand outreach.

Contextual and intelligence-based advertising

One key highlight of the FRAMEN Ads Manager is the unique ability to provide precise, contextual advertising options. Building on its network of strategic screen providers, data suppliers and technology partners, FRAMEN Ads Manager uses context and intelligence to showcase ads to the right audience and at the right location types. Brands can sometimes go from campaign idea to campaign delivery within minutes

“We have looked at the variety of challenges both brands and agencies face today in light of the privacy issues and offer something better than Facebook and Instagram ads. With FRAMEN Ads Manager, our goal is to offer an alternative method of advertising that helps reach the right audience when they’re open-minded and ready to be captivated in the right context. This makes a huge difference to your ad performance and brand impact”. Co-Founder & CEO of FRAMEN, Dimitri Gärtner.

Advertisers can start a campaign with as low as £ 10 a day and track the performance instantly in the Live Reporting section. Users can quickly assess how well their campaigns and creatives perform, and get a detailed breakdown of budget and geospatial distributions amongst other relevant insights. FRAMEN Ads Manager collects data without cookies and is GDPR friendly, making it an effortless tool for marketers which is compliant from a data and privacy perspective.

F.ex. the official tourism office of Malta, Visit Malta, received over two million targeted impressions through a campaign via the FRAMEN Ads Manager. FRAMEN’s targeting feature programmatically pinpointed travellers, and placed the ads at hotels/hostels, travel agencies, and coworking spaces to captivate an already engaged and primed audience. The location and timing of placements play an important role in the performance of the campaign and forms a distinct feature of the FRAMEN Ads Manager. FRAMEN’s AI & ML based algorithms work in conjunction with the brand and resonate with audiences that have higher interest in a product.

New features include geospatial boundaries

"We are seeing a lot of interest in our Ads Manager - one of our soon-to-be-released features is an interactive map which will allow advertisers to direct their campaign efforts within geospatial boundaries. It's a rapidly evolving product and all users can actively participate in our road map by giving feedback directly within the app. This will allow us to align our own development efforts very closely with the market needs." Co-Founder & CTO, Sveatoslav Podobinschi


FRAMEN is the leading player for information, entertainment, and advertising content on displays in locations such as gyms, hotels, and coworking spaces. The media-tech scale-up enables display on all standard screens in commercially used spaces. Through FRAMEN, advertisers and location operators can connect and share relevant content with their target audiences. Using the FRAMEN Ads Manager, advertisers can programmatically book, launch, and manage campaigns in minutes, while also evaluating performance in real-time. Simultaneously, location operators can monetise their screens through the provision of content using the FRAMEN Screen Manager.

FRAMEN’s headquarters is in Berlin and was founded in 2018 by Magdalena Pusch, Dimitri Gärtner, Alexander Gärtner, and Sveatoslav Podobinschi. Currently, FRAMEN is active in 24 countries with nearly 100 employees.

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