out-of-phone: FRAMEN revolutionises the content creator world with its own creator programme

out-of-phone: FRAMEN revolutionises the content creator world with its own creator programme
  • Creator content on FRAMEN screens in coworking spaces, gyms, hotels and much more.
  • Beta programme starts with creators such as Sarah Emmerich, Anastasia Barner, Fabian Tausch, Thomas Kakareko and many more.
  • DOOH reach and source of income for creators
  • Premium content for locations

Berlin, 2nd May 2024 

FRAMEN, the Scale Up, announces the launch of its own Creator Programme. The beta project offers talented content creators the opportunity to present their content not only online, but also offline in various locations around the world. Locations like WeWork will benefit from new content on their screens and advertisers will find new ways to contextualise their Brand Safety campaigns.

First Mover Creators meet with a positive response

The programme not only gives creators the opportunity to reach a broad audience, but also to move their target groups in a real life environment. ‘Already on the first day I had 5 people sending me pictures of these screens. This made me realise that I can now really reach my target audience offline as well as on LinkedIn,’ writes Eva Egg, member of the Creator Programme. With a presence in over 20 countries at more than 20,000 locations, the content can be played out to up to 200 million visitors per month via the FRAMEN network.
Creators from various industries are first movers in the programme. From Sarah Emmerich, Anastasia Barner, Laura Bornmann or Fabian Tausch from the business / Linkedin environment, to Voyagefox, Thomas Kakareko and many more from the travel scene.

The out-of-phone moment for the Creator

‘Just the other day, Colombian Ambassador Yadir Salazar-Mejia sent me a message from a friend saying “What are you doing on my WeWork screens?”. When I explained to her that I was in FRAMEN's Content Creator Programme, she said: ‘You're making me famous among young people.’ Anastasia Barner, founder of Fementor.

Innovative technology provides a holistic solution

Creators can create their own channel on the platform and fill it with their content, which locations such as Wework can subscribe to at the same time. All content is automatically played on the screens in real time. ‘This can also increase the reach by leaps and bounds. If an entire chain subscribes to the content, it doesn't mean that we're talking about just one screen, but 150 or more in one go,’ says Dimitri Gärtner, Co-Founder and CEO of FRAMEN. The conversions of the creator content are tracked via framen.com/creators, with which FRAMEN pioneers the HTML pixel for DOOH. 

At the same time, brands are able to align their campaigns specifically with the creator content and integrate it into the corresponding context. This ensures brand safety. This is because the Ads Manager makes it possible to place campaigns directly before and after the creator content using channel targeting. The creators also earn a share of this advertising revenue. ‘In the long term, we expect a potential of 1000 euros per month per creator.’ Dimitri Gärtner, Co-Founder and CEO at FRAMEN. 


FRAMEN is the leading player for information, entertainment, and advertising content on displays in locations such as gyms, hotels, and coworking spaces. The media-tech scale-up enables display on all standard screens in commercially used spaces. Through FRAMEN, advertisers and location operators can connect and share relevant content with their target audiences. Using the FRAMEN Ads Manager, advertisers can programmatically book, launch, and manage campaigns in minutes, while also evaluating performance in real-time. Simultaneously, location operators can monetise their screens through the provision of content using the FRAMEN Screen Manager.

FRAMEN’s headquarters is in Berlin and was founded in 2018 by Magdalena Pusch, Dimitri Gärtner, Alexander Gärtner, and Sveatoslav Podobinschi. Currently, FRAMEN is active in 24 countries with nearly 100 employees.

For more information, visit www.framen.com.

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