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November 16, 2022

Make the 'right' customers fall in love with your brand

The noise is high in seasonal campaigns and audience attention is limited. Advertisers, marketers and brand managers need to evaluate advertising decisions. Learn how to succeed with FRAMEN.

”The catch, however, is that in marketing, the attention is not the only thing that matters. In order to generate great results in marketing, you need to attract the right attention – the attention of your target audience.” VELOCE

Every year, brands (especially D2C) spend millions of euros on seasonal Out-of-Home Campaigns, often with little to no impact on the topline or brand equity. The most recent Valentine’s Day seasonal commotion is another classic example. We often see brands leveraging a variety of OOH channels to drive traction - but failing to achieve immediate results that justify the spend. The noise is high in such seasonal campaigns and audience attention is limited. Advertisers, marketers, and brand managers need to carefully weigh every advertising decision.

Grabbing the attention, maintaining loyalty, and love for your brand by your customers requires not just communication across multiple channels but focus on where the target audience spends the majority of their time. With the advancement of technology, we now have Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other similar channels offering very targeted campaigns. But when it comes to Out of Home, precise audience targeting is still fuzzy.
Programmatic Digital out-of-Home solutions like FRAMEN offer that hope. Advertisers and agencies can now precisely target out-of-home locations to ensure their ads and brands show up where the target audience shows up. Let’s look at some examples:

Get Broad But The Right Reach

Too Good to Go knew, the choice of surplus food is huge in urban areas. They leveraged FRAMEN to launch their brand campaign in German co-working spaces and reached a net reach of up to 23 million/month. Too Good To Go benefited through increased awareness among a highly relevant target audience. Members at the co-working space also shared stories about the campaign on social channels doubling up that outreach even further as a little declaration of love from their customers. Read the full success story here.

screen in hotel 6

Get closer to your audience

With its campaign, WeWork wanted to win over companies and self-employed people for their All-Access membership. FRAMEN’s access to semi-public spaces with a high frequency of entrepreneurs and freelancers was the perfect audience. The engagement made it possible to reach the right people in several locations.

By targeting locations that are represented throughout Germany, people who could be targeted, through their membership in these locations, have already expressed an interest in companies represented throughout Germany with flexible options. The campaign not only achieved increased brand awareness but also increased interest in their All-Access membership. Read the full WeWork story here.

Take the next step to DOOH

If you are looking for the perfect OOH solution, FRAMEN’s DOOH offers some unique advantages:

Hyper-targeted programmatic DOOH

Reach larger audiences:

  • Cost-Effective advertising
  • Promote in multiple locations


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