Hotdesk and FRAMEN join forces to provide advertising to coworking spaces

Dubai based on-demand workspace booking platform, Hotdesk and Berlin based content distribution platform FRAMEN announce a strategic alliance to provide coworking spaces with an end-to-end solution to better manage their coworking spaces and generate passive revenue from unutilised screens.

This announcement signals the kick-off of the partnership between Hotdesk and FRAMEN as the official digital signage partner, starting with Germany, Spain, France, UK and UAE.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 5 October 2023: Hotdesk, the global on-demand workspace booking platform that also provides its coworking spaces with a coworking management software-as-a-service, has announced its strategic alliance with FRAMEN, the content streaming platform as the official digital signage partner.

This alliance comes as a part of Hotdesk’s plan to provide coworking spaces with an end to end integrated tech solution to manage and maximise revenue.

One of Hotdesk’s latest offerings is HotdeskOS, an operating system SaaS that enables coworking spaces to manage their workspace through a single software, from bookings automation, to calendar management, digital payments, and data analytics for real-time insights and space optimisation. It also plugs the space into Hotdesk's marketplace to unlock user flow and revenue generation. Hotdesk has generated 2,500,000+ hours of coworking space bookings to its hosts over the past 24 months with a coworking network of 1,500+ workspaces in 45 countries and 200+ cities.

Together, Hotdesk and FRAMEN provide coworking spaces with the opportunity to generate additional advertising revenue from their underutilised screens, while on the flipside enabling marketers to reach and communicate with their target audience with unique experiences.

The partnership will also be of the very few around the world that can enable marketing attribution data to DOOH (digital-out-of-home) advertisements, where the combination of HotdeskOS and Framen can enable DOOH advertisers to get more insights on their audience and conversion data.

This collaboration will provide coworking space owners with access to passive income through FRAMEN's inventory of out-of-home campaigns, enabling workspace owners to utilise their underutilised screens and make passive revenue from it through ad displays. FRAMEN is available in 1000+ workspaces across Europe, and through this alliance Hotdesk and FRAMEN will unlock global markets, starting with the Germany, Spain, France, UK and UAE.

Commenting on the partnership with FRAMEN, Mohamed Khaled, the Co-Founder and CEO of Hotdesk, said: “The value of what Hotdesk provides goes beyond the digitization of space. Unlocking ancillary revenue streams by building integrations on-top of Hotdesk’s technology infrastructure enables our coworking spaces to go further, generating revenue from streams they didn’t think were possible. The core similarity between Hotdesk and FRAMEN is the value proposition to our hosts - where we power our hosts with technology for both operations management and growth. The combined solution was only natural - space and screen management, with revenue from space bookings and advertisements, all packaged together. We are super bullish on our partnership with FRAMEN, with a combined offering that benefits our partners in multiple ways.”

Dimitri Gärtner, co-founder & CEO of FRAMEN, said: “This partnership marks a significant step in our mission to revolutionise coworking spaces globally through intelligent content distribution. By combining our technologies, we now provide coworking spaces with a comprehensive solution that not only streamlines workspace management but also offers an innovative way to generate passive income. Simultaneously, we're creating a fresh approach to build a community and strong connections within these spaces. We eagerly anticipate embarking on this exciting journey alongside Hotdesk and coworking communities worldwide,".

About Hotdesk:

Hotdesk is the end-to-end technology stack powering the future of work. Hotdesk’s on-demand coworking marketplace currently spans 1,500+ workspace in 45+ countries and 200+ cities, allowing users to easily book desks, meeting rooms, and offices by the hour, day, month, or year. Additionally, Hotdesk provides SaaS for businesses to optimize their real estate and manage their global hybrid workforce along with cutting edge data analytics, and a coworking space management platform that empowers coworking spaces to streamline their day-to-day operations. Hotdesk is headquartered in Dubai and was founded in 2019 by Mohamed Khaled. Currently, Hotdesk operates in 200+ cities with over 50 employees. For more information, visit

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FRAMEN is the leading player for information, entertainment, and advertising content on displays in locations such as gyms, hotels, and coworking spaces. The media-tech scale-up enables display on all standard screens in commercially used spaces. Through FRAMEN, advertisers and location operators can connect and share relevant content with their target audiences. Using the FRAMEN Ads Manager, advertisers can programmatically book, launch, and manage campaigns in minutes, while also evaluating performance in real-time. Simultaneously, location operators can monetise their screens through the provision of content using the FRAMEN Screen Manager.

FRAMEN’s headquarters is in Berlin and was founded in 2018 by Magdalena Pusch, Dimitri Gärtner, Alexander Gärtner, and Sveatoslav Podobinschi. Currently, FRAMEN is active in 24 countries with nearly 100 employees.

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